CCFL bulbs worldwide

2 x 290mm Bare ccfl Backlight tube


2 x 290mm Bare ccfl Backlight tube

length mmContinuous VStarting VCURRENT (mA)wattsINTENS (cd/m2)LIFE (≥hour)

High Brightness and Contrast.
Longer Lifetime (Over 50000 hours).
Low Power Consumption.
Low Heat Generation

We Recommend you use the ccfl repair kit with this bulb available from this link

everything you need to make your bulb replacement easy

Remember it may not be your bulb thats the fault budget fixed price repair of your system is at this link

Known lcd's this bulb has been used in.

AUO B141XG03 Chi Mei N141X401 Hyundai HT14X13 IDTech IAXG15H Quanta QD141X1LH12 Samsung LTN141XB-L02
AUO B141XG05 Chi Mei N141X4-01 Hyundai HT14X13-100 IDTech IAXG15S Quanta QD141XLH03 Samsung LTN141XB-L03
AUO B141XG08 Chi Mei N141X4-02 Hyundai HT14X13-101 IDTech IAXG15T Quanta QD14FL02 Samsung LTN141XB-L04
AUO B141XG09 Chi Mei N141X5-L05 Hyundai HT14X13-102 IDTech ITSX68 Quanta QD14XL07 Samsung LTN141XB-L05
AUO B141XG10 Chi Mei N141X6 Hyundai HT14X13-201 IDTech ITSX68C Quanta QD14XL12 Samsung LTN141XB-L06
AUO B141XG13 Chi Mei N141X6-02 Hyundai HT14X14 IDTech ITSX68D Quanta QD14XL20 Samsung LTN141XC
AUO B141XN01 Chi Mei N141X6-L01 Hyundai HT14X14-101 LG Philips LP141E01 Samsung LT141X2-127 Samsung LTN141XC-L01
AUO B141XN02 ChungHwa CLAA141PA01 Hyundai HT14X19 LG Philips LP141E04 Samsung LT141X4-156 Samsung LTN141XD
AUO B141XN03 ChungHwa CLAA141XB01 Hyundai HT14X19-100 LG Philips LP141E05 Samsung LT141X5-124 Samsung LTN141XD-L01
AUO B141XN04 ChungHwa CLAA141XC01 Hyundai HT14X19-110 LG Philips LP141E1 Samsung LT141X6 Samsung LTN141XE
AUO L141X1 ChungHwa CLAA141XD03 Hyundai HT14X1B LG Philips LP141E2 Samsung LT141X6-122 Samsung LTN141XE-L01
AUO L141X1-1 ChungHwa CLAA141XD05 Hyundai HT14X1B-201 LG Philips LP141X03 Samsung LT141X6-124 Samsung LTN141XF
AUO L141X1-1A ChungHwa CLAA141XD12 Hyundai HT14X1E LG Philips LP141X04 Samsung LT141X7 Samsung LTN141XF-L01
AUO L141X2-1 ChungHwa CLAA141XD13 Hyundai HT14X1L LG Philips LP141X1 Samsung LT141X7-122 Samsung LTN141XF-L02
AUO L141X3-5 ChungHwa CLAA141XF01 Hyundai HT14X1M LG Philips LP141X10 Samsung LT141X7-124 Samsung LTN141XF-L03
Chi Mei N141X6-L02 ChungHwa CLAA141XG01 IDTech ITXG06 LG Philips LP141X11 Samsung LT141X7-127 Samsung LTN141XF-L04
Chi Mei N141X6-L03 Fujitsu CP010162-08 IDTech ITXG64 LG Philips LP141X12 Samsung LT141XA Samsung LTN141XF-L05
Chi Mei N141X6-L04 Fujitsu CP010162-xx IDTech ITXG66 LG Philips LP141X13 Samsung LT141XS-124 Samsung LTN141XJ
Chi Mei N141X7 Fujitsu CP021210-02 IDTech ITXG66C LG Philips LP141X14 Samsung LTN141E1 Samsung LTN141XJ-L01
Chi Mei N141X7-L02 Fujitsu CP021210-xx IDTech ITXG71 LG Philips LP141X2 Samsung LTN141P1 Samsung LTN141XU
Chi Mei N141X7-L04 Fujitsu CP041611-xx IDTech ITXG71D LG Philips LP141X2-A Samsung LTN141P1-L01 Samsung LTN141XU-L01
Chi Mei N141X7-L06 Fujitsu CP093401-01 IDTech ITXG71L LG Philips LP141X2-B Samsung LTN141P1-L02 Samsung LTN141XU-L02
Chi Mei N141X9-L01 Fujitsu CP105023-03 IDTech ITXG74 LG Philips LP141X2-F Samsung LTN141P1-L04 Sanyo TM141XG-02L05
Chi Mei N141XB Fujitsu CP126343-xx IDTech ITXG74E LG Philips LP141X3 Samsung LTN141P2 Sharp LQ141F1LH52
Chi Mei N141XB-L01 Hitachi TX36D37VC1CAA IDTech ITXG76 LG Philips LP141X4 Samsung LTN141P2-L01 Sharp LQ141X1LH43
Chi Mei N141XB-L03 Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA IDTech ITXG76C LG Philips LP141X5 Samsung LTN141P2-L02 Sharp LQ141X1LH63
Chi Mei N141XB-L04 Hitachi TX36D85VC1CAB IDTech ITXG76D LG Philips LP141X6 Samsung LTN141P4 Sharp LQ141X1LH83
Chi Mei N141XB-L05 Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA IDTech ITXG76E LG Philips LP141X7 Samsung LTN141P4-L01 Toshiba LTD141EA0D
Chi Mei N141XC-L02 Hitachi TX36D97VCAB IDTech ITXG76H LG Philips LP141X8 Samsung LTN141P4-L02 Toshiba LTD141EA0L
Chi Mei N141X1 Hyundai HT14P11 IDTech ITXG77 LG Philips LP141XA Samsung LTN141P4-L03 Toshiba LTD141EABF
Chi Mei N141X101 Hyundai HT14P12 IDTech ITXG77C LG Philips LP141XB Samsung LTN141P4-L04 Toshiba LTD141EACV
Chi Mei N141X1-01 Hyundai HT14P12-100 IDTech ITXG77F Mitsubishi AA141XA02 Samsung LTN141P4-L05 Toshiba LTD141ECJV
Chi Mei N141X2 Hyundai HT14P21 IDTech ITXG77H Mitsubishi AA141XA12 Samsung LTN141PE2-L01 Toshiba LTD141EM1X
Chi Mei N141X201 Hyundai HT14X11 IDTech ITXG77J NEC NL10276AC28-02L Samsung LTN141PE-L01 Toshiba LTD141EN9B
Chi Mei N141X2-01 Hyundai HT14X11-103 IDTech ITXG77X Quanta QD141F1LH01 Samsung LTN141U1 Toshiba LTD141LMOS
Chi Mei N141X202 Hyundai HT14X11-105 IDTech IASX16C Quanta QD141X1LH01 Samsung LTN141X4 Toshiba LTD14EACV
Chi Mei N141X2-02 Hyundai HT14X12 IDTech IASX16H Quanta QD141X1LH02 Samsung LTN141X4-L01 Toshiba LTM14C406
Chi Mei N141X203 Hyundai HT14X12 IDTech IASX16S Quanta QD141X1LH03 Samsung LTN141X4-L02 Toshiba LTM14C406L
Chi Mei N141X203 Hyundai HT14X12-101 IDTech IAXG15C Quanta QD141X1LH06 Samsung LTN141X5-124 Toshiba LTM14C406P
Chi Mei N141X2-03 Toshiba LTM14C453 IDTech IAXG15D Quanta QD141X1LH07 Samsung LTN141X6 Toshiba LTM14C408
Chi Mei N141X4 Toshiba LTM14C453K   Samsung LTN141X8 Samsung LTN141X6-L06 Toshiba LTM14C421
  Toshiba LTM14C453L   Samsung LTN141X8-L00 Samsung LTN141X7 Toshiba LTM14C421C
  Toshiba LTM14C500G   Samsung LTN141X8-L02 Samsung LTN141X7-L01 Toshiba LTM14C421E
  Toshiba LTM14C501   Samsung LTN141X8-L04 Samsung LTN141X7-L02 Toshiba LTM14C421F
  Toshiba LTM14C501E   Samsung LTN141X9 Samsung LTN141X7-L03 Toshiba LTM14C421Z
  Toshiba LTM14C501L   Samsung LTN141X9-L01 Samsung LTN141X7-L04 Toshiba LTM14C424
  Toshiba LTM14C502   Samsung LTN141X9-L02 Samsung LTN141X7-L05 Toshiba LTM14C433
  Toshiba LTM14C502K   Samsung LTN141X9-L03 Samsung LTN141X7-L06 Toshiba LTM14C433E
  Toshiba LTM14C502U   Samsung LTN141XA Samsung LTN141X7-L07 Toshiba LTM14C438
  Toshiba LTM14C506   Samsung LTN141XA-L01 Samsung LTN141X7-L08 Toshiba LTM14C446
  Toshiba LTM14C506C   Samsung LTN141XA-L02    
      Samsung LTN141XB    
      Samsung LTN141XB-L01    

 M4753/G3 LG Philips LP141X6
Apple Powerbook Pismo LG Philips LP141XA (D1AP).
Compaq EVO N600C Hitachi TX36D97VCAB
Compaq EVO N610C Hitachi TX36D97VCAB
Compaq presario 1516-US 14.1" Screen
Comapq Presario 17XL360 LG Philips LP141XA
Compaq Presario 2500 LG Philips LP141X13
Compaq NC6000 Toshiba LTD14EACV
Dell Latitute D505 14.1" Screen
Dell Lattitude C600 HITACHI TX36D84VC1CAA
Dell Latitute C600 Samsung, 14.1" LTN141X8-L02
Dell Latitute C610 Samsung, 14.1" LTN141X8-L02
Sony PCG-FX503 14.1" Screen
Sony PCG-FX 504 14.1" Screen
Sony PCG-FXA35/D Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA
Sony PCG-Z1VAP Toshiba LTD141EM1X
Toshiba Tecra 9000 Sharp LQ141X1LH63
Toshiba Tecra 9100 Sharp LQ141X1LH63
Toshiba Tecra M2V-S330 Samsung LTN141XA-L02
Toshiba Satellite 1400 Samsung LTN141X7-L06
Toshiba Satellite 1800 Samsung LTN141X7-L06
Toshiba Satellite 2400 Samsung LTN141X7-L06
Toshiba Satellite 2800 Samsung LTN141X7-L06
Toshiba Satellite 6000 Samsung LTN141XF-L02
Dell Inspiron 5100/5150 14.1 Screen
Dell Inspiron 2600 14.1" Screen
Dell Inspiron 2650 LG Philips LP141X8
Dell Inspiron 4000 Samsung 41.1" LTN141X8-L02
Dell Inspiron 4100 Samsung 14.1" LTN141X8-L02
Dell Inspiron 4150 14.1" Screen LTN141X8-L02
Dell Latitude C510 14.1" Screen LTN141X8-L02
Dell Latitute C640 14.1" Screen LTN141X8-L02
Dell Inspiron 3500 Chung Hwa CLAA141XB01
HP OmniBook 6000 IBM ITXG66C
HP OmniBook 6100 IBM ITXG66C
HP Pavilion N5170 LG Philips LP141XA
IBM Thinkpad T23 Hitachi TX36D97VC1CAA
IBM Thinkpad T30 Hitachi TX36D37VC1AA
IBM Thinkpad R30 14.1" Screen
Gateway 450ROG 14.1 inch
Medion 40298 LG Philips LP141X13
Sony PCG-FX310 
Sony PCG-95L Hitachi TX36D72VC1CAA
Sony PCG-9G1L AUO B141XN04
Sony PCG-995L  

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