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2 x 250mm Bare ccfl Backlight tube


2 x 250mm Bare ccfl Backlight tube

length mmContinuous VStarting VCURRENT (mA)wattsINTENS (cd/m2)LIFE (≥hour)

High Brightness and Contrast.
Longer Lifetime (Over 50000 hours).
Low Power Consumption.
Low Heat Generation

We Recommend you use the ccfl repair kit with this bulb available from this link

everything you need to make your bulb replacement easy

Remember it may not be your bulb thats the fault budget fixed price repair of your system is at this link

Known lcd's this bulb has been used in.

IBM X20 ThinkPad Sharp LQ12S56 IDTech ITSV50E Samsung LTN121X1-L02 Sanyo TM121XG-02L02D
HP ZE4500 Sharp LQ12X43 IDTech ITSV50H Samsung LTN121X1-L03 Sanyo TM121XG-02L03
Samsung LT133X8-122 Hitachi TX31D11VC1CAE IDTech ITSV50N Samsung LTN121XA Sanyo TM121XG-02L10
LG Philips LP133X3 Hitachi TX31D21VC1CAA IDTech ITSV53 Samsung LTN121XA-L01 Sharp LM80C229
LG Philips L133X3-A(2AC) Hitachi TX31D21VC1CAF IDTech ITSV53C1 Samsung LTN121XF Sharp LM80C36
Hitachi TX31D24VC1CAA Hitachi TX31D21VC1CBE IDTech ITSV53G Samsung LTN121XF-L01 Sharp LQ10DH11
IBM Thinkpad 600X Hitachi TX31D27VC1CAB IDTech ITSV53L Samsung LTN121XJ Sharp LQ121S1DG11
IBM ThinkPad 600E Hitachi TX31D27VC1CBB LG Philips LG121X05 Samsung LTN121XJ-L01 Sharp LQ121S1DG31
Hitachi TX31D72VC1CAA Hitachi TX31D27VC1CBC LG Philips LP120X05-A2 Samsung LTN121XJ-L02 Sharp LQ121S1LH01
ChungHwa CLAA121XG01 Hitachi TX31D28VC1CAA LG Philips LP121S1 Samsung LTN121XJ-L03 Sharp LQ121S1LH02
FUJITSU CA51001-0145 Hitachi TX31D30VC1CAA LG Philips LP121S2 Samsung LTN121XU Sharp LQ121S1LH03
FUJITSU CA51001-0158 Hitachi TX31D35VC1CAA LG Philips LP121S3 Samsung LTN121XU-L01 Sharp LQ121S1LH13
FUJITSU CA51001-0160? Hitachi TX31D65VC1CAA LG Philips LP121S4 Sanyo LM-FH53-22NAWP Sharp LQ121S1LH33
FUJITSU CA51001-0171 Hitachi TX31D67VC1CAA LG Philips LP121SA Sanyo LM-JA53-22NTW Sharp LQ121X1LH02
FUJITSU CA51001-0179 Hitachi TX31D70VC1CAB LG Philips LP121SB Sanyo LM-JC53-22NTW Sharp LQ121X1LH22
FUJITSU CA51001-0196 Hitachi TX31D72VC1CAA LG Philips LP121SP Sanyo LM-JK53-22NFR Sharp LQ121X1LH42
FUJITSU CA51001-0202 Hitachi TX31D72VC1CAA LG Philips LP121X04 Sanyo LM-JK53-22NSQ Sharp LQ121X1LH83
FUJITSU CA51001-0217 Hitachi TX31D73VC1CAA LG Philips LP121X05 Sanyo LM-JK63-22NTR Sharp LQ121X1LS50
FUJITSU CA51001-0240 Hosiden HLD1206-010850 LG Philips LP121X1 Sanyo MSXS121022010 Sharp LQ121X1LS52
Fujitsu CP021216-02 Hosiden HLD1206-020440 LG Philips LP121X4 Sanyo MXS121022010 Sharp LQ12DX03
Fujitsu CP041038-02 Hyundai HT12S11 NEC NL8060AC31-12G Sanyo MXS121022050 Sharp LQ12DX03D
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-05 Hyundai HT12S13-100 NEC NL8060BC31-01 Sanyo TM121SV-02L01A Sharp LQ12DX12
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-13 Hyundai HT12X11 Samsung LT121S1 Sanyo TM121SV-02L01C Sharp LQ12DX43
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-15 Hyundai HT12X12 Samsung LT121S1-101 Sanyo TM121SV-02L01D Sharp LQ12S05
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-16 Hyundai HT12X12-100 Samsung LT121S1-103 Sanyo TM121SV-02L03 Sharp LQ12S08
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6W Hyundai HT12X12-101 Samsung LT121S1-104 Sanyo TM121SV-02L03A Sharp LQ12S31
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6W-01 Hyundai HT12X13 Samsung LT121S1-105 Sanyo TM121SV-02L03B Sharp LQ12S353
Fujitsu FLC31SVC6X-05 Hyundai HT12X13-100 Samsung LT121S1-106 Sanyo TM121SV-02L04 Sharp LQ12S405
Fujitsu FLCT31SVC6W Hyundai HT12X14 Samsung LT121S1-153 Sanyo TM121SV-02L04C Sharp LQ12S41
Fujitsu FLCT31SVC6W-01 Hyundai HT12X21 Samsung LT121S4-105 Sanyo TM121SV-02L05 Sharp LQ12S53
Hitachi LMG-9970-ZWCC IDTech ITXG00 Samsung LT121SS-122 Sanyo TM121SV-02L07 Sharp LQ12S56
Hitachi LMG-9972-ZWCC IDTech IAXG01 Samsung LT121SU Sanyo TM121SV-02L07A Sharp LQ12S56A
Hitachi LMG-9980-ZWCC IDTech IAXG01A Samsung LT121SU-121 Sanyo TM121SV-02L07B Sharp LQ12S56B
Hitachi LMG-9980-ZWCC-01 IDTech IAXG01B Samsung LT121SU-123 Sanyo TM121SV-02L07G Sharp LQ12X02
Hitachi SX31S003 IDTech IAXG01M Samsung LT121SU-125 Sanyo TM121SV-02L09 Sharp LQ12X12
Hitachi SX31S004 IDTech IAXG02C Samsung LTN121S6 Sanyo TM121SV-02L10 Sharp LQ12X24N
Hitachi SX31S008 IDTech IAXG02D Samsung LTN121S6-T01 Sanyo TM121SV-02L11 Sharp LQ12X43
Hitachi SX31S009 IDTech IAXG02H Samsung LTN121SU-L02 Sanyo TM121XG-02L01 Sharp LQ9D03B
Hitachi TX31D02VC1CAA IDTech IAXG02S Samsung LTN121X1 Sanyo TM121XG-02L02 Toshiba LTD121EA3K
Toshiba LTM12C270 IDTech ITSV33N Samsung LTN121X1-L01 Sanyo TM121XG-02L02A Toshiba LTD121EA3P
Toshiba LTM12C278E IDTech ITSV45E   Toshiba LTM12C324 Toshiba LTD121EA4XY
Toshiba LTM12C283 IDTech ITSV50D   Toshiba LTM12C324C Toshiba LTD121EA4Z
Toshiba LTM12C283D IDTech ITSV50D2   Toshiba LTM12C328 Toshiba LTD121KA0S
Toshiba LTM12C289S     Toshiba LTM12C328K Toshiba LTD121KM1
Toshiba LTM12C318     Toshiba LTM12C328L Toshiba LTM121SI-T01
Toshiba LTM12C318L     Toshiba LTM12C328P Toshiba LTM12C025S
      Toshiba LTM12C328T Toshiba LTM12C263
      Toshiba LTM12C32BT Toshiba LTM12C266
      Toshiba LTM12C505V Toshiba LTM12C268
  LQ121S1LH52   LTM12C32BT
Sanyo-Torisan LM-FH53-22NAWP Samsung LT121S1
  LMG9970ZWCC   LT121S1-101
  LM-JA53-22NTW   LT121S1-103
  LM-JC53-22NTW   LT121S1-104
  LM-JK53-22NFR   LT121S1-105
  LM-JK53-22NSQ   LT121S1-105W
  LM-JK63-22NTR   LT121S1-106
  MSXS121022010   LT121S1-153
  MXS121022010   LT121S4-105
  MXS121022050   LT121S5-105
  TM121SV-02L01   LT121SL-105
  TM121SV-02L01A   LT121SS-105
  TM121SV-02L01C   LT121SS-105-01
  TM121SV-02L03   LT121SS-105-01-D
  TM121SV-02L03A   LT121SS-105-W1
  TM121SV-02L03B   LT121SS-122
  TM121SV-02L04   LT121SU
  TM121SV-02L04C   LT121SU-121
  TM121SV-02L05   LT121SU-123
  TM121SV-02L07   LT121SU-125
  TM121SV-02L07A   LTM121SL-T01
  TM121SV-02L07B   LTN121S6
  TM121SV-02L07G   LTN121S6-T01
  TM121SV-02L09   LTN121SU-L02
  TM121SV-02L10   LTN121W
  TM121SV-02L11   LTN121X1
  TM121SV-02L01   LTN121X1-L01
  TM121SV-02L02   LTN121X1-L02
  TM121SV-02L0202   LTN121X1-L03
  TM121SV-02L02A   LTN121XA
  TM121SV-02L02D   LTN121XA-L01
  TM121SV-02L03   LTN121XF
  TM121SV-02L10   LTN121XF-L01
LG Phillips LP121S1   LTN121XJ-L01
  LP121S2   LTN121XJ-L02
  LP121S3   LTN121XJ-L03
  LP121S4   LTN121XU
  LP121S4 (B2QT)   LTN121XU-L01
  LP121SA (A2QT) UNKNOWN HLD1206-010850
  LP121SB   HLD1206-020440
  LP121SP   L5EDD3Q00008
  LP121SP (A2QT)   LTD121EA3K
  LP121SP (B1PC)   LTD121EA3K-Z
  LP121X04   LTD121EA3P
  LP121X04 (A2)   LTD121EA4X
  LP121X04 (A2)(P2)   LTD121EA4XY
  LP121X04 (B2)   LTD121EA4Z
  LP121X04 (C2)   LTD121KA0S
  LP121X1   LTD121KM1
  LP121X1 (A2C2)    
  LP121X1 (A2M1) Fujitsu FLC31SVC6S-05
  LP121X2 (A2)   FLC31SVC6S-13
  LP121X4   FLC31SVC6S-15
  LP121X05   FLC31SVC6S-16
  LP121X05 (A2)   FLC31SVC6W
  LP121X05 (A2)(E1)   FLC31SVC6W-01
  LP121X05 (B2)   FLC31SVC6X-05
AU Optronics B121EW01   FLCT31SVC6W-01

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